Bar Pest Management Albany Auckland

Bar Pest control service central Auckland

Pest and Bars just dont mix! Bar managers want a seamless operation without having to worry about pest control. 

ACES pest control understands the requirements of a small business like a bar.

ACES Pest Control West Auckland offers

  1. All pests treated.  Our  services will not disrupt your business
  2. Inspection and report. Our reports are accepted by Auckland City Council inspectors.  
  3. Treatments that are low toxitiy to you and your customers and or treated in a method that is safe for your staff and customers. 

Why choose ACES?

  1. Kiwi owned and run local Auckland Business. Why deal with an off shore company when you can support local business.
  2. Experience. We will send a tech who has 10+ years experience. 
  3. Tailored service. Based on inspection we tailor a plan for your pest issue and your business. 
  4. Qualified in Pest Control. Our techs have Protrains cerfificate in Urban Pest Management. 
  5. INTERGRATED approach. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture. This may require the services of another trade OR to liaise with the landlord OR to liaise with a neighboring business.