pest control auckland wasps

What is my pest wasp?

There are three pest wasps in Auckland.

Wasp nest removal how does it work?

For German and European Wasps we use insecticide dust to kill the wasps. The dust works very quickly and the nest is eradicated. Sometimes we will remove the nest as well. For paper wasps we use  spray that is very quick acting and stops the wasps flying away and kills the nest at the same time. We offer wasp nest removal for paper wasps as part of the service.

Eradication of wasps how long does it take?

Not very long. In fact we often take longer getting the ladder out and putting our safety gear on! On average less than 30 minutes.

Is wasp pest control safe?

A question we get from customers is are our treatments child safe? Dog and cat safe? And baby safe? Our products are very low toxicity to humans and their pets! So the answer for wasp pest control is a big fat YES!

Pest control wasps how long does it last?

We get the question will the wasps come back? The answer is NO. It's curtains for the wasps as we eradicate their nest. Our warranty is unlimited on time and visits on the nest destroyed 

Pest Control of Wasps reviews

The best way to see what a service or product is like to read about other peoples experiences in reviews. ACES pest control has reviews on google and facebook  by real Aucklanders that are recent.

Pest control auckland deals

$60 pest control deal!  Book one of our treatments and  add on another service  for just $60+ GST ( excludes borer, mosquitoes and specials  ). We run a service of "i.d. my pest for FREE" year round. A typical wasp nest destruction hole in the ground wasp nest is $140 + GST for same day service. 

Do it yourself wasp pest control?

Often customers have already tried DIY eradication and then called us. The reason DIY extermination fails is that the EPA restricts the access of the public to professional grade products and chemicals. Also during summer we destroy wasps nests everyday so are very experienced in the technique. Home DIYers are probably doing it for the first time. Wasps are great teachers, they will instruct you with their stings.

Wasp swarm or Bee swarm?

In spring we get calls from customers saying that they have a swarm of wasps outside their house. Wasps do not swarm and it is actually honey Bees swarming. When a bee swarm is outside a structure we refer this to the Bee Association ( Bees ASS)  (0275479276)  and they will relocate your bees ( often free of charge). The Honey Bees get re-homed and the "Bees ASS"  saves the day!  If the bees are inside a structure they can not be re-housed and need to be destroyed  as they  often pose a risk to humans.