pest control auckland spiders

pest control what is my pest spider?

There are two types of pest Spiders in Auckland. Firstly the orb ( web spinning) spiders.  The second is the wandering spiders e.g. white tails. These spiders do not build webs and wander around looking for food. White tails are unusual in that they feed on other spiders. So if you have lots of orb spiders, you will have white tails spiders too.

Spider pest control how it works?

The first thing we do at ACES is to identify where the spiders are around your home. We then use a high pressure sprayer to treat the crack and crevice areas where the spiders are hiding. This has a two fold affect

  • kills the spiders that are hiding in crack and crevice out of reach from the exterior spray
  • prevents new spiders from re inhabiting these favorable harbourages. Giving the customer a longer time spider free !

The second thing we do is to spray an interior exterior spray with a long acting residual treatment. The interior spray is a light spray focused on access points such as windows and doors. While the exterior treatment is heavier and all surfaces are covered.

To finish we create a barrier in the gardens surrounding your house using a long acting chemical sand to stop the white tails wandering onto your house.

We ask our customers to leave spider webs up for seven days. This  allows any spiders we may have missed to get exposed to the chemicals. We then ask them to use a broom to remove the webs. 

Spider sprays how long do they take?

The time taken depends on the size of the house and level of spider infestation. An average time is 40-60 minutes to complete a job. Our stand down period for spiders may only be as short as one hour depending on how warm it is and the time of the year.

Is spider pest control safe?

Our customers ask us for pest control treatments that are child safe, baby safe and pet safe. We use products for spiders that very low toxicity too people their children and their pets. So yes our treatments are child safe, baby safe, dog safe and cat safe. 

Spider treatments how long do they last?

We use the best products on the market for our customers. These are the original chemicals from reputable companies who researched and discovered them. We find these work better than generic copies. Our customers tell us that they are spider free for up to 12 months.

Pest control customer reviews?

Customer reviews are a great way to see what people are saying about a service or product. ACES have reviews on google and facebook. REAL RECENT LOCAL reviews! If you choose ACES we will ask you to review us too!

Pest control auckland prices

Prices range depending on the size and location of the house. A typical three bedroom house would cost  $260+ GST** for a spider  treatment. Add on treatments for $60 + GST**. When you book a treatment with us you can add on another service for just $60+ GST *

DIY spider pest control?

DIY pest control is doomed to failure for a number of reasons. Firstly the home user doesn't have the experience or gear of a professional pest controller. We use battery powered tanks for a constant and even spray result. Secondly they don't have access to the chemicals that work really well on spiders as the EPA restricts their sale to licenced operators. And lastly the chemicals they do have are kept to a low strength by the EPA making them ineffective.


*Excludes specials, borer and mosquito treatments

**This is an estimate only