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Silverfish are insects from the order Thysanura.

what are silverfish?

Silverfish are cone shaped insects that are about 10 mm long. At their tail they have three distinct tail like appendages. Their cocoon stage is a tan colour and round and hairy. Often in high numbers.   Mostly active at night they prefer areas with higher humidity. They feed on food rich in carbohydrates. In particular they eat the paste in book bindings, along with paper and also fabrics. They have also been known to eat mould.

Why do I have a silverfish infestation?

Silverfish come into a house or business looking for warmth and food. Once they are established they can be difficult to remove.

should i be concerned?

Silverfish do not bite or sting. The do damage books, paper and they can contaminate food. They have also been known to damage fabrics such as chair coverings. 

how does aces get rid of silverfish?

Silverfish need a chemical treatment to successfully get rid of them. You need to mindful of part of their lifecycle that makes them difficult to successfully eradicate- the cocoon stage. ACES uses a combination of treatments to exterminate silverfish. 

It is worth considering moisture levels in the house of business. Is it damp? Could some form of control be suitable?

Are things stored in cardboard boxes? Can you dispose or store in plastic containers  their food sources e.g. paper and books?

Does DIY Silverfish work?

In a short answer NO!  The silverfish has a very protective cocoon stage of its life cycle. You need a resticted product to treat this part of their life cycle. DIY is a waste oof your money! Call the professionals to provide a safe solution. 

When can ACES get there?

At ACES we understand the stress that silverfish can cause as your worry about the damage to your pocessions and clothes. You need a solution as soon as possible. We will endeavour to get to you the same day or the very next day.


Some of our treatments are eco-friendly and GREEN. Some of our products break down into harmless elements when exposed to soil. ACES are URBAN PEST MANAGEMENT CONTRACTORS QUALIFIED (NZ) with ProTrain. The products we will use are based on naturally occurring chemicals, so they are low toxicity for you and your pets.