Mice removal west  Auckland

Auckland extermination what is my pest?

Mice are a common pest in homes and businesses in Auckland. While they are reasonably easy to kill with bait or traps they are prolific and rapid breeders making them hard to completely exterminate.

Mouse extermination how it works

ACES mouse exterminators base their methods on inspection. We then tailor a plan for your particular home or business. Mostly we use the best professional grade bait for mice in stations and in a safe method.

Mice control how long does it take?

The time it takes to do a job depends on the size of the home or business and what's involved. A three bedroom home takes around 40 minutes. 

Safe pest control Auckland?

At ACES we use controls for mice in stations and or exclude non target animals from the controls. If you are worried about secondary poisoning of your dog or cat we have a new product that kills the mouse without making it poisonous. Please note a surcharge for this product will apply.

does DYI mouse pest control work?

Doing DIY you're up against it with mice!  DIY baits and traps will kill some of the mice but not all of them. Also you don't have the experience to see the big picture a professional has  when inspecting your home or business. 

Pest control auckland how long does it last?

The professional grade baits we use for mice can last up to 12 months inside a station inside a house. When the station is placed outside the maximum time is 3 months

Pest control reviews

When considering a product or service reviews can be a useful to see what customers think. ACES has reviews on google and facebook. Please take sometime to read our reviews. REAL- RECENT- LOCAL. If you choose ACES we will ask you to review us too!

Pest control deals

We have our i.d. your pest for FREE service running year around. We also have our add on any extra service** for $60+ GST*. Our price for a mouse infestation where you pay only once with our silver bullet guarantee is $260+ GST*


*estimate ( not a quote)

** excludes borer, mosquitoes and specials