Fly spray albany North shore

Pest control what is my pest?


All flies belong to the order called Diptera.  There are many different types of flies with four  pest flies being,  

Pest control how it works?

A house treatment for  fly control requires an interior and exterior spray. We spray all the surfaces that flies land on. This includes ceiling surfaces, light fittings, around window frames, doorways, lower skirtings, warm exterior walls and some exterior surfaces. We use the highest quality spray gear, which is the B and G hand peices combined with battery powered  spray tanks. Because we can control where the chemicals are sprayed. We do not use misters as they generate particles so small that the particles go everywhere in your home.

We use a heat resistant spray called Demand that keeps working even in the hottest summer days. This is because it has a clever technology called i-cap. Our customers tell us that Demand lasts for up to one year and is often still working when they book us the next year.

 Safe Pest control Auckland

We are asked by customers are our treatments child safe, baby safe, pet safe, dog safe and cat safe? Our products are considered very low toxicity to humans. So the is yes our products are Human safe and Pet safe! 

Pest control how long does it take?

A fly treatment will take varying times depending on the size of the house. An average three bedroom single level house will take around 40 minutes.

Pest control reviews

Reviews are a good way of finding out what people think of a service and or product. ACES pest control has reviews on google and facebook. These are REAL RECENT and LOCAL. If you choose ACES we will invite you to review us too!

pest control diy?

Does DIY pest control work for fly treatments? DIY  is doomed for number of reasons. Firstly the home owner doesn't have equipment we have. The B and G equipment for spraying is the best in the world. And we have battery operated tanks that apply a constant and even pressure for a better result. Secondly we use the best products on the market from reputable research based companies whereas the DIYer doesnt have access to these products. The EPA restricts the sale of these products to the public.

Pest control auckland prices

Prices will depend on the size and location of the house. For a full interior exterior house spray for flies using Demand in Auckland our price is $220 + GST *

pest control   DEALs!

$140 + GST* Fly spray special!  $140+ GST* for a partial home spray using Demand. We will spray the kitchen and living areas and partial treatment of the outdoor living areas.

Mosquito deal! Book any  job with ACES and we can offer you an exterior ( foliage) mosquito spray   for $100 + GST* (not available by itself).

Pest control for just $60 + GST*?  When you purchase one of our treatments  add on another for just $60 + GST* ( borer , mosquitoes and specials excluded) . 

* please note these are estimates, please call for a quote