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Pest control what is my pest Fleas or Bed bugs?

Flea control in Auckland requires a good plan! Fleas belong to order the Siphonaptera and are all blood suckers. Fleas transfer disease and are famous for killing thousands of humans historically. Fleas naturally live outside in the grass. 

How Pest control works for fleas

Often the first thing customers show us are empty flea bombs. They tell us that the fleas went away then came back. They then ask what is a flea exterminator  going to do that's different? We explain that your flea bomb did actually kill all your fleas, but didn't take "out of the equation"  the cocoon part of the flea lifecycle.

Our treatment for fleas is different from a flea bomb by

  • Having a Professional grade insecticide. The chemical we use works for up to 12 months and has a strong adhesion property to surfaces.
  • Adding in an Insect growth regulator (IGR). This stops the fleas from being able to grow. This is how we treat the fleas in the cocoons. When they hatch and try to grow they perish, breaking the cycle.
  • Focusing  our treatments in the area where the "host" sleeps. This is where the life cycle of the flea occurs. 

Pest control flea treatment how long does it take?

Our flea treatments spray the floor surfaces with particular attention to the areas where the "host (s) " sleep. This often means spraying around and under beds.Please note we do not treat beds, linen or the customers clothing. A flea treatment takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

safe pest control?

Our treatments for fleas are very low toxicity to humans. This means they are child safe, baby safe, dog safe and cat safe. Further we take extra care to have a stand down period to ensure the sprays are dry before you enter the house or business.

Pest control how long does a treatment last?

 We use the best products available on the market. We use the original chemicals from reputable companies, not generic copies. Our customers tell us the sprays can work for up to 12 months after the initial treatment

pest control reviews

Reviews are a great way of seeing how people react to service or product. ACES pest control has recent reviews from local Auckland customers. Please see what they are saying about our services on google or facebook. REAL-RECENT-LOCAL reviews. In fact if you choose ACES we will invite you to review us too!

pest control DIY treatments?

DIY treatments have a number of reasons they don't work. Firstly the home DIYer doesn't have the experience or gear to complete an effective spray treatment. Secondly there's no DIY product that treats the cocoon stage of the flea life cycle. Thirdly the EPA restricts the dosage of DIY products to ineffective levels and also restricts the sale of the most effective chemicals to the public. 

Pest Control Auckland Deals

Still worried it could be bed bugs? We have a deal for you! Every paid flea treatment comes with a FREE bed bug inspection! We can eliminate the option of bed bugs by inspection. So you can sleep easy!

Flea treatments what do I need to do?

Before treatment take as many items off the floor as possible. Should you be concerned about your linen or clothes please hot wash and hot dry these on the day of treatment. Please cover any pet fish. Please treat your dog or cat with a product your vet recommends on the day of treatment.  Use your vacuum and hoover the night before as we will ask you to reduce vacuuming for the next two weeks