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What is my pest cockroach?

There are two types of cockroaches in Auckland  

  • Outside (Bush) cockroaches ( e.g. Gisborne cockroach) . Found naturally in bark gardens they sometimes get into your house by mistake. These are low risk to you and family, but are unsightly!
  • Inside cockroaches (German and American). These are high risk cockroaches and will make you and your family sick. They are not found outside and need to be near a heat source.

How does cockroach pest control work?

  • Bush cockroaches. Typically a domestic home invader. We offer an interior and exterior spray using the longest acting exterior spray ** available on the market. We minimize our interior spray to reduce you and your families exposure to chemicals. So much so, our stand down period is only one hour!  We also surround your house with long acting sands in the garden areas to create a barrier to the cockroaches and bugs!
  • German Cockroaches.We use targeted spot treatments to where these cockroaches infest. The products we use are specialist sprays ( < 500ml!) for spot treatment application, specialist cockroach baits applied to crack and crevice and insecticide dust to voids. As the treatments are so small and targeted there is no stand down period for this service.
  • American Cockroaches. These are uncommon pest cockroach in Auckland. However there are large populations of these in some of Auckland's sewers. An inspection is paramount to work out what is happening before a treatment plan is put in place.

Is cockroach pest control people and pet safe?

Customer often ask if our treatments are child safe or baby safe or pet safe ( dog and cat). Our treatments for cockroaches are all very low toxicity to people, their children and the pets.Yes our treatments are people safe, child safe, baby safe and pet safe!

How long does the cockroach treatment last?

We only use the best available products on the market. We use the original chemicals from reputable companies, not generic copies. Our customers tell us that within 7-14 days the cockroaches are all gone. They also tell us that some of the treatments last for up to 12 months.

Pest control auckland prices ?

This depends on what type of cockroach you have. For an domestic home that has the Gisborne cockroaches prices start at $260 + GST* for a three bedroom home. For an infestation of German cockroaches in a kitchen prices start from $160 + GST* ( single kitchen - businesses excluded) .  

How long does cockroach pest control take?

For the Gisborne cockroach an interior/exterior house spray takes 40-50 minutes for a three bed room house. The time for a German cockroaches will vary depending on the size of the infestation. An average time is 30-40 minutes.

Cockroach pest control reviews?

Reviews by real Auckland customers are helpful to see what people think of a service or product. ACES pest control has reviews on google and facebook. These are RECENT -REAL - LOCAL. In fact if you choose ACES we will ask you to review us too!

Does DIY cockroaches work?

There are couple of reasons DIY pest control is doomed to fail. Firstly the DIYer lacks experience as a result their efforts drive the cockroaches into crack and crevice. Making them even harder to to treat!  Secondly the cockroach has survival mechanism that defeats your efforts. When stressed females flick away their ootheca ( sack of baby cockroaches) to safety. The adult female dies and then two weeks later customers report seeing lots and lots of little cockroaches! Lastly the EPA restricts the public from buying the best products and best chemicals.

Pest control auckland deals

Pest control for just $60 + GST? Book one of our treatments ( excluding Borer, Mosquitoes and specials ) and add another one on for just $60 + GST!  We have or i.d. our pest for FREE running year round.


*Please note these are estimates.

** Bifenthrin has the longest known residual time in soil of insecticides currently on the market.