Borer fumigation ponsonby Auckland

Borer fumigation North shore Auckland

Control of Borer in Auckland's North shore starts with an inspection. Borer is a beetle that can potentially destroy the structure of your building. There are different types of wood eating beetle  including the longihorn beetle and long toothed borer, but the furniture borer beetle is the most common. Borer beetles are on the wing typically in January through to March. 


 what is borer

Borer is a beetle which belongs to the order Coleoptera. Coleopterans are the most common type of insect in the world, with the highest numbers in terms of mass and species.

 It's not the Borer beetle that puts your structure at risk it's the larvae or maggot that eats wood.

how do i know my borer is active?

You need to look for the Borer holes.  When borer larvae is active frass comes out of their holes. Frass has a distinct colour of yellow/orange. 

Look for

  • small piles of frass
  • frass coming out and down from borer holes
  • frass covering your possessions in the affected area
  • in extreme cases damage to structure of the wood.

is my building/house suitable for a treatment?

We only provide treatments for naked wood in  sub floor areas and ceiling spaces. 

you need the following,

  • Insulation removed, by an insulation company.
  • Naked wood. Wood to treated needs to be free of paint and varnish
  • Access. A technician needs to be able to get access to the areas to be treated



The treatment we use kills the wood eating larvae. It takes up to nine months to have an effect on the borer. 

It is very safe for humans and their pets as the treatment is locked into the wood.