Pest control what is my pest ant?

There are 1000s of Ant species in NZ, but only four main pest ants in Auckland. They are the,


Ant control Herne bay Auckland

  • The Black House ant typically steals your sugar food from the kitchen. This ant always nests in the ground outside your home or business
  • The White Footed House ant. A  black ant that lives inside man made structures. Commonly customers say they have seen them coming out of the walls. They typically feed on plants outside of your home or business. They can have dumping areas where they drop dead ants ( or bits of ants) .
  • The Argentine ant. A brown medium sized ant. These ants love protein and fatty food. As a result they are often found in the pet food or the dish washer. They nest outside and can commonly be found in pot plants in warm areas e.g. sunny deck. 
  • The Coastal Brown ant. This ant has two sizes with one having a large head. Hence their other name the "big headed ant". They also like fat and protein rich foods and commonly nest outside.


pest control how it works?

There are two ways of dealing with ants infestations by ant exterminators, 

  • Repellent chemicals. These set up a barrier outside and dont let the ants inside your home. Typically this requires an inside and outside spray of your home.  Advantages of this technique are it works quickly, sometimes with impressive results. Disadvantages are it never gets to the Queens and nests and is always a temporary relief from the pest ants. You have to leave your house for 3-4 hours while it sprayed. You, your family and pets are exposed to chemicals inside your home.This technique assumes the ants live outside. Sometimes it traps the ants inside your home and makes the  situation much worse. 
  • Nonrepellent chemicals These include sprays, sands, granules, baits and dusts.  The Spray and Sands are applied to outside of the home only. These are chemicals that do not kill the ant initially, allowing them to  transfer the chemicals into the nest and killing the Queen. Disadvantages of this technique is that it is slow and will take 2- 4 weeks for a result.  Advantages of this technique are a longer last effect. You don't have to leave your home. Your home is SPRAY  free which is safer for you, your family and your pets. 
ACES pest control uses the second method. Exclusively using non repellent transfer chemicals to treat  and exterminate your ant infestation. 

pest control how long does it take?

Depending on how large your home or business is will affect the time of treatment. An average three bedroom single level home will take 40 minutes. 

safe pest control

Are the chemicals Baby safe? Pet safe? Child safe? Family safe? These are frequent questions from customers. All our chemicals used for ants are very low toxicity to humans. In fact most of them do not work on humans and  their pets. We only use chemicals from reputable companies that research and discover these chemicals.  

pest control How long does last?

Some of our chemicals will be active for up to 12 months.  If ants are your focus then the nests will be destroyed in 2-4 weeks from the day of treatment. Once the nest (s) are destroyed its no longer important how long the chemicals work. Our chemicals for ants are so specific that they only work on ants. 


Reviews are a good way to see  what people are saying about a product or service. ACES pest  control has reviews on Google and facebook. All our reviews are by our Auckland customers REAL- RECENT - LOCAL. If you choose to use ACES we will invite you to review us too. 

pest control diy

DIY pest control is fraught with problems. Firstly the DIYer lacks experience in applying DIY chemicals correctly. Secondly the ant species. Some ant species do not respond to DIY chemicals. And thirdly the EPA  restricts the DIY products to lower concentrations that are less effective. They also restrict the type of chemicals preventing the public access to the most effective treatments for ants. 

PEST CONTROL auckland prices

Prices for pest control treatments vary depending on location in Auckland, size of house or business, what type of treatment you are having. For a three bedroom single level home in Auckland our prices start from $260 + GST . Please note this is an estimate, please call for an exact price for your home or business.

Pest control deals

Pest control in Auckland for just $60 + GST? Purchase any of our services and add on another for just $60+ GST ( excludes borer and mosquitoes)