Pest control  FAQs  frequently asked questions

Does your spider treatment work for white tail spiders?

YES! As long as book an interior and exterior spider treatment for your home

I have bites but don't have pets so it can't be fleas therefore it must be bed bugs?

NO! You don't need to have pets to have fleas. Bites from an unknown origin can be fleas, bed bugs or mosquitoes.

I have bites in a line from an unknown pest it must be bed bugs ?

NO! Fleas and mosquitoes can also leave bites in a line

Do your fly treatments stop flies flying into my house or business?

NO! If you want to stop flies coming into your home or business you need to put up some form of barrier e.g. mesh or close all the doors and windows and air condition.

Do your flea treatments make the fleas go away immediately?

NO! Our treatments kill all the fleas present but the cocoons hatching new fleas takes up to four weeks to work.

I went to the doctor with some insect bites  and he told me it's bed bugs?

NO!  Bites from an unknown insect only tell you have reactive your body is. They can not tell you what insect is it from the bites alone. 

I have a few bites and I rang a pest control company and they told me its bed bugs over the phone, are they right?

NO! You can not tell its bed bugs from a person telling you over the phone they have bites from an unknown orgin. An inspection is needed to rule bed bugs in or out. 

How do you treat bed bugs?

Bed bugs requires plan based on inspection of your dwelling. We need to base an effective plan based on your situation

I have some furniture with borer holes in it. Can you treat this?

We need the wood to be bare to treat the chair. Taking the paint or varnish off the chair may ruin the look.

Can some ants eat the wood in houses?

NO! You are thinking of termites or borer. None of NZs pest ant species eat wood

How many of ACES flea treatment customers have a dog or cat?

About 7/10 do NOT have a cat or dog. Fleas can come from where they live naturally in the grass. Or feral cats or rats under your house. Or a customers place of work. Or a friends house with fleas. Mostly we don't know where a customers  fleas come from.

How many bed bug calls to ACES are actually bed bugs?

It's low, around 2-5/100, Most bed bug calls are fleas where the customer doesn't have pets and has bites from an unseen/unknown insect.

How many calls for fleas are bed bugs?

Even lower. 1/100. In fact in ten years of trading only once.

What do I need to do before a flea treatment from ACES?

Please take as many things off the floor as possible (furniture excluded) e.g. laptops, shoes and clothes. Please clear under beds. That's all. As we dont use misters the spray doesn't go everywhere.

I've googled cockroaches and I saw a German Cockroach in my bathroom!!! HELP!!!

NO! Cockroach species can all look similar, especially the juveniles. German cockroaches need to be somewhere warm, and won't be found in your bathroom. You saw a bush cockroach in your bathroom who wandered into your house by mistake. You don't have an infestation

How long does a typical Borer job take?

Depending on the size of the house and areas treated 1-2 days

If I stand on a cockroach will I spread its eggs?

NO! If you stand on a cockroach you will kill it and its babies.

Are all pest cockroaches found somewhere warm?

NO! Only two species are found in warm areas. The rest prefer cool environments like outside bark gardens and foliage

Once you have destroyed my wasp nest will it come back?

NO! Once the nest is destroyed the queen is killed and nest can't come back to life.

I see lots of wasps around my deck outside why is that? Is there anything I can do

Yes! Wasps harvest wood to make into paper for their nests. If you have unpainted wood then it could be bringing in the wasps so they can harvest it. You may wish to paint or varnish the wood and the wasps may go else where.

How do I find where the wasps nest is?

Wasps fly in one of two directions, either to the nest or to a food or water source. You need to observe their flight patterns to find their nest. 

Im seeing a lot of wasps how far away is their nest?

Wasps fly up to 200m to forge.Your nest (s) is within 200m of the wasps you are seeing.

I have found bed bugs in a my multi story apartment does the silver bullet guarantee apply?

NO. We do not offer the silver bullet guarantee on apartments with adjoining corridors ( multistory )

If a pest control company uses bait to treat rats will they die inside the walls?

NO! If you use professional grade bait correctly- placed in key areas that rats trust- they leave the building in search of water and never return. If the home owner uses non professional grade bait incorrectly you will make the rats sick and they will die in the walls.

I can hear rats in my ceiling space, are they coming from the stream that runs through my property?

NO! The rats near the stream are the sewer rats that are poor climbers. The noises in your ceiling are either from roof rats who are excellent climbers. Or mice who can sometimes be found in a ceiling space or birds, in particular in spring.

Do ultrasonic rat repelling devices work?

NO! We are called to  houses with healthy rat and mouse populations and these machines switched on and blinking. Using power and doing nothing.  Don't believe us? Ask the company selling them for any published evidence that they work. Because the answer is there isn't one published article in the entire world since the beginning of time. Before parting with your hard earned cash ask for some evidence they work. 

The salesperson selling the ultrasonic repelling device said lots of customers say it works!

That's their job to sell you the device. Word of mouth and a salesperson's enthusiasm are NOT evidence something works. Remember the consumer protection groups in NZ and Australia have already taken the companies that sell these devices to task!  Ask the salesperson for a published study on the devices' efficousy. 

Mice are easy to kill, why should I pay an exterminator?

You are correct Mice are stupid, predictable and easier to control than rats. But where they will trip you up is they are rapid and prolific breeders. So if your DIY efforts misses just one pregnant female, its back to square one!

 What do I need to do before a bush cockroach treatment?

Please clear any items on window sills. Pull curtains back and blinds up. Put food away. Cover pet or Gold fish. That's it!  Since we use battery powered directional sprayers and not misters, our treatments do where we spray them not everywhere making a mess!!

I have a German cockroach treatment booked- what do I need to do beforehand?

Put food away. Do not empty the pantry. Do not move fridges or anything infested.

Ive booked an insect treatment with ACES pest control, how long is the stand down period?

It depends on the treatment. Some have no stand down period e.g. ants others have 2 hours e.g. fleas. We only require the spray be dry before you enter, so in summer it may only be one hour.