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Your safety is our priority

We use products for insects/spiders that only work on the pests, not really on humans or their pets.    Our  products that are low toxicity  for humans and used in a safe method. 

Safe pest control for spiders and insects

  • Some of our products are based on naturally occurring chemicals
  • i-CAP technology. We use i-CAP technology in our sprays.  Traditional  sprays stop working when it get hot.  i-CAP is technology is small polyethylene spheres keep the chemicals active even when it is hot.
  • Termador. Insect specific-only works on nervous pathways found in insects e.g. Fipronil. Does NOT work on humans!
  • Advion Ant gel. Insect specific-PRO chemicals- only becomes active inside an insects body e.g. Indoxocarb. Does NOT work on humans!
  • LOW toxic to humans,  children,  pregnant mothers and  to dogs and cats. 

safe extermination of rodents

We prefer to to go where the rodents go, which means we are happy to go into the ceiling the spaces where possible. We exclude non target animals from our controls. We also take the time to secure all out controls. Where possible we use stations for our controls. 

Eco-friendly and Green!

Some of the  products we use break down into harmless elements when they come in contact with the soil.