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Pest Control Auckland

We provide control pest treatments  in Auckland. We are a New Zealand company, run by Kiwis based in Auckland.  

Pest control what is my pest?

We base our treatments on inspection. Part of our inspection is to identify your species of pest. This enables us to tailor our treatments for your particular situation. This makes our service more effective, hence all our happy customers! We also offer a service of I.D. my pest for free!

Pest control how it works?

We use the original products from Reputable Researched based Companies .  We find these products more reliable than generic copies. We have completed Protrains course on Pest Management so you be assured of the best practice with our techniques






Customers ask for pest control that is Child safe, Baby safe and Pet Safe. We  use products that are very LOW toxic and in a safe method for you, your family and your pets. 

Pest control how long does it take?

Pest control treatments vary in the time they take. An average time for a three bedroom house is 40 minutes.

DIY pest control?

When we are asked to attend a job, frequently the customer has already spent a lot time and money on DIY pest control. One of the main reasons DIY fails is the lack of professional grade products available to the public. This is because the EPA restricts the concentrations and types of some products to the public.

Pest Control Auckland Deals

We offer I.D. your pest for FREE year round. Just send us a clear picture of the pest and we will tell you what it is! Check the service you want and check for any specials or deals


Call-outs for rats have doubled in the past year for an Auckland pest control company (file photo). Rat numbers are rising fast across Auckland due to this year's hot summer, experts say. ACES Pest Control director Owen Stobart said Auckland was under an invasion and his firm was responding to almost 10 incidents a day.
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