Rental Companies


Real Estate rental companies look after many houses and just many tenants. It's a juggling act keeping the tenants and owners happy in particular when a pest control issue arises!

ACES pest control deals with tenants professionally and safely. We also offer a free report with every service so you as the manager can keep the owner informed of what is happening to their property.

We successfully  treat

  1. Cockroaches! From the largest German Cockroach infestation to the invasion of the bush cockroaches from the outside. 
  2. Rodents! Mice or rats, we work out what they are doing and pest control them all.
  3. Ants! No problem we use transfer treatments to treat mostly outside. No stand down period is required. 
  4. Spider treatments! 
  5. Wasp nest destruction. We destroy and remove the nest ( where possible)

Why choose ACES?

  1. NO contracts! Get it right the FIRST time! Just one visit from ACES
  2. SINGLE charge! No ongoing charges.
  3. PEACE of mind! We provide you with a report on the situation and advise on how to prevent it happening again ( where possible).
  4. INTERGRATED approach. Sometimes the big picture, requires the services of another trade ( e.g. plumber) OR to liaise with the landlord OR to liaise with a neighbouring business- all part of the service at ACES pest control.

You work hard putting in long hours, do yourself a favour and call ACES pest control today