Food manufacturing


Food manufacturing has high  requirements for manufacturing. 

Prevention of contamination of the food production is a priority.


We offer

  1. Inspection and plan of action
  2. Solutions for rodents without using bait
  3. Solutions for insects without using chemicals 
Why choose ACES?

  1. NO contracts! Get it right the FIRST time!
  2. PEACE of mind! Our service report is accepted by the Auckland City council inspectors.
  3. Effective products. We don't use cheap generics! We use products from reputable research based companies.
  4. INTERGRATED approach. Sometimes the big picture, requires the services of another trade ( e.g. plumber) OR to liaise with the landlord OR to liaise with a neighbouring business- all part of the service at ACES pest control.

You work hard putting in long hours, do yourself a favour and call ACES pest control today