shutterstock-german-wasp-reduced.jpgACES can destroy your wasp nest and exterminate the nest's wasps. 

Wasps are social insects from the order Hymenoptera  ( the same as Ants and Honey Bees) . Wasps can sting many times without dying. 

There are a few types of pest wasps in Auckland. The German and European wasps are quite similar. The Australian Paper wasp (red) and the Asian wasp (black and yellow) are also similar.

 why do i have wasps?

Wasps are more active during the warmer months. You may see them because

  • They are striping wood from unpainted fences, houses and decks. They use this to build their nest.
  • They are looking for food. Wasps predate other insects. Often they are in and around plants to find food.
  • They may have a nest near by
how does aces get rid of my wasps?

ACES uses insecticide dust to kill wasp nests and the wasps. Once the nest is pumped full of dust wasps can no longer use it as it is repellent and poisonous to them.

We can also use bait to kill German and European wasp nests remotely .


The queen is the first wasp to die when ACES pest controls a nest. Once she is gone the show is over, the workers need her to survive. 

Once the nest has been destroyed or poisoned or removed they do not come back to that nest



At ACES we understand the stress that wasps can cause. You need a solution as soon as possible. We will endeavour to get to you the same day or the very next day.


Our treatments are eco-friendly and GREEN. Our products break down into harmless elements when exposed to soil. At ACES we are EPU approved handlers so we can safely treat your house or business. We are also university trained with all our staff having science degrees in Entomology. The products we will use are based on naturally occurring chemicals, so they are safe for you and your pets.