Spider are NOT insects they are Arachnids, the same group as scorpions and ticks. They have eight legs and two body parts. While the native Katipo spider has a nasty bite it is uncommonly lethal. The majority of spiders in NZ are not venomous.  




There are two types of spiders that are pests in Auckland. Firstly the orb ( web spinning) spiders. These typically make a mess of your house with their webs. They are  harmless although sometimes large!

The second the wandering spiders. These include wolf spiders and white tails. These spiders do not build webs and wander around looking for food and shelter.

Mostly spiders have wandered onto your house unintentionally, and are more common if you live in wooded or bush areas. The white tail spider is unusual in that it predates other spiders. Spiders on the exterior of your house will attract white tails. 

should i be concerned about spiders?

Most spiders in NZ are harmless to humans and are in fact beneficial as they eat small insects e.g. flies and cockroaches.   White tail's are not venomous, however their bite may be the source of a secondary bacterial infection.  White tails are confident and back themselves,  when cornered will lash out and bite whatever is threatening them. So if they are hiding in your gardening glove and you put your hand into the glove, you can expect a bite!

how do i get rid of spiders?

The best way reduce the chances of spiders in your home is to reduce their food source. In the case of white tails, that's the orb web spinning spiders on the outside of your house. 

what can  i do to stop spiders coming back?

While the occasional spider may wander onto your dwelling there are few things you can do to reduce the chances of them coming back. Make sure there is a 5cm gap between foliage and your house. Stack wood and clutter  away from your house. Some landscaping materials can encourage insects that spiders predate. These are river bed stones and oval rocks. Inspect your house for gaps around windows and doors, seal these up. Spiders are nocturnal so consider closing windows at night time. 

when can aces get here?

ACES pest control aim is to provide effective pest control to our customers as soon as possible. Often out customers are worried about their issue when they call, we would like to be with you either today or the very next day.

is the treatment evironmentally friendly?

Our products are GREEN and ecofriendly. When exposed to the soil they break down into harmless elements. ACES are EPU approved handlers. We can safely treat your house.  All our staff hold degrees in Science majoring in Entomology ( insects and spiders). Further the chemicals we used are based in naturally occurring NON toxic chemicals ( to humans) .