Silver Bullet Guarantee

ACE0024_SilverBullet_Logo.jpgA silver bullet is defined  as:

“ something that very quickly and easily solves a serious problem”

ACES offers the Silver Bullet Guarantee on your CURRENT pest(s) with:

ACE0024_SilverBullet_Logo_bullet_only.jpg    NO more charges- you pay ONLY once
ACE0024_SilverBullet_Logo_bullet_only.jpg    NO limits on visits
ACE0024_SilverBullet_Logo_bullet_only.jpg    NO time limit
ACE0024_SilverBullet_Logo_bullet_only.jpg    NO limits on treatments


Please note: silver bullet guarantee applies to a stand alone dwellings e.g. three bed room house but not to single apartments in a complex.   Sewer rats and American cockroaches are excempt where there is unlimited access to the sewers. Fleas there is a 4 week period for the IGR to work. For flies we warranty the treatment  only- we do not warranty the flies coming into the home.