shutterstock-rat-reduced.jpgRat extermination in Auckland is more common than you think. Rats are a  problem as they carry fatal and incurable diseases. 

Rats are intelligent and approach every home or business differently. So do we- provide a unique plan for you, your house and your rodents. 


what is a rat?

Rats are small mammals from the order Rodentia. Auckland has two types of rats

  • "Roofies"  or Roof rats.  Tail is longer than its body. Excellent climber and confident jumper. Shy and slender these rats do everything to avoid you. 
  • Sewer rats.  Heavy larger rat with a tail shorter than its body. Poor climbers. Gregarious and confident, they think you want to meet them
How do i know its rats?

Here are some ways to work out if you have rats.

  • Noise. As they are nocturnal its mostly after 6pm and before 4 am. But not always! 
  • Smell. Strong pungent stench. 
  • Flood. Rats chew mains pressure piping causing signifcant  floods. 
  • Gnawing. Constant grinding noise. 

why do i have them?

There is access to your home or business for rats. 

A few things you can do minimise rats coming on your property or business

  • Put food scraps into sealed a plastic bin
  • Store food in sealed plastic containers
  • Do not feed the birds. This can bring rats to your property
  • Do not compost. Rats love to eat your discarded fruit and vegetables
  • If you have fruit trees do not leave the fruit on the ground. 


should i be concerned?

Historically rats have killed millions of people. Today rats carry the following diseases

  • Toxoplasmosis. An incurable amoeba that can be caught my humans. 
  • Leptospirosis. Potentially fatal bacterial disease.  
  • Black death. This disease is still present in rats. 
  • Fleas. Rats are feral animals and always are infested with fleas.
Rats transfer disease to people. The Vancouver rat study is finding that humans- when living in close proximity to rodents  can also transfer disease to rats too. 


how does aces get rid of rats?

When you were sleeping one night a while ago. When everything was quiet. A rat or rats checked out your place. Its took them a few visits when the coast was clear. But they accessed the situation and decided to move on in.

We access the situation too. Your house and situation  is unique. Following an inspection we have a plan just for you, your house and  of course your unwanted visitors. 

does diy work for rats?

DIY pest control products are commonly available from many outlets.  ACES pest control often is called to homes that have tried DIY and it hasn't worked. Commonly the rodents end up dying inside the house as result of the customer using DIY products. 

At ACES we understand the stress that rats can cause. You need a solution as soon as possible. We will endeavour to get to you the same day or the very next day.



Our treatments are eco-friendly and GREEN.  At ACES we are EPU approved handlers so we can safely treat your house or business. We are also university trained with all our staff having science degrees in Zoology.  We use this knowledge to work out the best treatment for your pest.