Mice are a common pest in Auckland. They  reproduce quickly and spread disease. These two facts mean that when you spot or hear a mouse, its time to call a professional


what is a mouse?

Mice are small mammals from the order Rodentia. They are nocturnal animals that are drawn to  warmth and  food.

Mice tend to be seen inside a house or business. Sometimes they are unseen and heard in the walls or ceiling. Mice can chew high pressure plastic water pipes causing major floods and damage. 

They also have Samelonella on their paws and are incontinent. This means than when you are in bed asleep they are on your kitchen bench spreading disease. 

how do i know its mice not rats?

Here are some indications you could have mice, 

  • Mouse dirt. 
  • Noises. Often in the walls and ceiling
  • Sighting. Seeing something move quickly! Like a blur- what was that?
  • Damage to food stuffs and packaging.
  • Gnaw marks. Mice can chew at the base of doors, access points into walls. 
  • floods. Mice often chew through high pressure water  pipes.

why do i have them?

Mice only require a gap the size of your little finger to enter your house. Sometimes they turn up on mass. One day you have no mice the next there are many!  

does diy pest control work?

The main factor against you is that mice breed so quickly, it is unlikely DIY will be successful.  

Commonly  DIY products are not of a professional grade amd as a result are ineffective. Often customers report mice dying in their walls after using DIY products. 

how does aces get rid of mice?

While mice can be difficult to control. ACES bases it control of your mice on inspection. Using this information that is specifc to you ACES safely controls your mice. 


At ACES we understand the stress that mice can cause. You need a solution as soon as possible. We will endeavour to get to you the same day or the very next day.


Our treatments are eco-friendly and GREEN. At ACES we are EPU approved handlers so we can safely treat your house or business. We are also university trained with all our staff having science degrees in Zoology.  We use this knowledge to work out the best treatment for your pest.