Flies belong to an order called Diptera. 

Besides being annoying flies can spread disease. If food is left out flies can spoil it by making it fly blown. 

 are flies all the same?

There are many different types of flies with four main types being considered pests. 

  • Domestic house fly. These come in a variety of sizes and colours.
  • Cluster fly. As the name suggests they are found in groups or clusters.
  • Fruit fly. Small fly sometimes with red eyes. Commonly found around ripe fruit.
  • Moth fly or drain fly. Small brown fly with triangular shape. 


why do i have them?

  • House flies are a seasonal pest. In the hotter months they increase in numbers and become a pest in homes and businesses.
  • Cluster flies appear in mass when you have a lot of earth worms in your garden. They move inside your house or business when the weather cools down. Once inside they lay down a pheromone resulting in clusters or groups of flies. Due to the cool temperatures they are docile and slow moving. 
  • Fruit flies are often found in bars. Persistant pests in bars, cafes and restaurants. 
  • Moth or Drain flies need a nutrient rich water for their life cycle to work. Can be an indication  there is a drain and or sewerage issue. 
should i be worried?

Flies can spread disease and spoil your food. Flies are annoying to home owners, business owners and customers. 

how does aces get rid of flies?

At ACES we work out which fly you have and, 

  • applies long acting and effective treatments
  • uses a combination of treatments
  • uses a combinations of treatment methods
  • integrated approach. We make suggestions that will help the situation
does DIY fly pest control work?

There are some non-chemical things that you can do to reduce flies in your home or business

  • Put up a barrier to flies e.g. mesh over windows.
  • close windows and doors and air condition your house or business.
  • Restrict access of flies to food. Food scraps are discarded into sealed plastic waste bins.
  • Ensure all drains are free flowing and not blocked.
  • Where a barrier cannot be put up at a door consider installing air curtains.

At ACES we understand the stress that flies can cause. You need a solution as soon as possible. We will endeavour to get to you the same day or the very next day.


Our treatments are eco-friendly and GREEN. Our products break down into harmless elements when exposed to soil. At ACES we are EPU approved handlers so we can safely treat your house or business. We are also university trained with all our staff having science degrees in Entomology. The products we will use are based on naturally occurring  chemicals, so they are safe for you and your pets.