Fleas belong to order the Siphonaptera and are all blood suckers. Fleas transfer disease and are famous for killing thousands of humans historically. 

Fleas naturally live outside in the grass. 

why do i have them?

Fleas infestations can begin when a pet such as a dog or cat brings fleas inside your home from the oustide. If you do not have pets then they may have jumped onto your clothing when your were outside. Lastly they maybe a sign that feral animals are nearby, such as rats running under your house. Feral rats and cats are always infested with fleas. 

FUN FACT: The majority of flea treatments carried out by ACES in Auckland  have  NO  cat or dog!

should i be concerned about fleas?

A flea infestation can result in a significant numbers of bites with resultant itching and irritation. Fleas increase in numbers quickly as the female produces hundreds of young. 

 how do i get rid of fleas?

If you have a pet dog or cat you can treat them with a product from your vet and use them to catch and treat the fleas in your house. 

 How will aces get rid of my fleas?

ACES pest control uses an effective and safe treatment against fleas. If you have a pet dog or cat we recommend that you treat them with a product from your vet on the day of treatment. 

does  diy fleas work?

Typically customers tell us that they used a " DIY flea bomb" and the fleas went away for two weeks or so. Then they came back!  Why is this?  The DIY products on the market do not treat the cocoon stage of the flea life cycle. Fleas take around two weeks to ripen in the cocoon stage. That's when they make a return after DIY products. 

how soon can  aces get there?

At ACES we strive to provide effective solutions for our customers as soon as possible. We understand that when the problem has got so bad to call us you want it resolved as soon as possible. We will get to you today or the very next day.

is the treatment eviromentally friendly?

ACES flea treatments are GREEN and ecofriendly. When they come into contact with the soil they break down into harmless elements. All ACES staff are EPU approved handlers, so can safely treat your house or business. Also our staff have degrees in Science majoring in Entomology ( inspects and spiders). Our treatments are based on naturally occuring chemicals that are harmless to humans and their pets. 


Before treatment take as many items off the floor as possible. Hot wash and hot dry your linen on the day of treatment. Use your vacuum and hoover the night before as we will ask you to REDUCE vacuuming for the next two weeks