services_image_roach_DM.pngACES can eradicate the cockroaches in your house or business.   

what is a cockroach?

Cockroaches are from the order Blattaria and are most similar  to a Praying Mantis. The most famous cockroaches are the German and American cockroaches. In New Zealand we also have the Gisborne cockroach and the native cockroach. 

how do the cockroaches differ?

  • The German cockroach is tan brown and rectangular in shape.  To identify the German cockroach look for two dark parallel lines running on the top of its thorax ( head to wings). They  are common in Auckland houses and businesses. 
  • The American cockroach is a larger insect.  Reddish in colour. They are  uncommon in Auckland. 
  • The Gisborne cockroach is large dark brown cockroach with tan stripe on each side of its body. These are bush cockroaches are prefer cooler environments. They often invade houses when temperatures cool down seasonally. Younger instars of this cockroach are a lighter tan colour than the mature adults. 
  • The native cockroach. This is small to medium size, oval and reddish to tan brown colour. These are often found around homes e.g. exterior light fittings,  but  do  not commonly infest  houses. 
why do i have them?

  • German cockroaches are excellent hitch hikers. They love to jump into a parcel or box and hitch a ride to your friends place, or your work. It only takes one unseen female and soon a new infestation is "bubbling" away at the new location.
  • Initially American cockroaches get from the sewers into your house or business by a fault in the sewer system. 
  • Gisborne and native cockroaches come into your house when it cools down.
should i be worried about cockroaches?

German and American cockroaches are a health risk as they carry and spread disease. They have also been associated with asthma. 

How does aces get rid of every last one?

ACES pest control exterminates all your cockroaches in your house or business

  • Inspection reveals size and location of infestation
  • Combination of treatments.
  • Combination of treatment methods
does diy cockroaches work ?

The best place to start is restricting access to food and harbourage for the cockroaches. Reduce clutter. Discard old news-papers, paper and cardboard. However is unlikely that you will be successful against the one of natures' best survivors. We often get called when people have already spent a lot of money on DIY and not succeeded.

how soon can aces get here?

At ACES we understand that when you call us you are a little worried about the situation. We will do out best to get to you the same day or the very next day. 

is the treatment environmentally friendly?

The products we use at ACES are GREEN and eco-friendly and break down into harmless elements when they come into contact with the soil. All our staff are EPU approved handlers and can treat your house or business safely. Further all our staff  have degrees in Science majoring in Entomology ( insects and spiders) so we know all about your pest and how to treat it best! Our products are based in naturally occurring chemicals so they are safe for humans and their pets.