services_image_bedbug_DM.jpgThought to be have been eradicated post World War 2 with strong chemicals such as DDT, bed bugs have recently made a comeback.

While there is no specific reason why they are increasing, there are couple of factors that are helping their spread. Firstly many of the bedbugs today are resistant to the majority of the current insecticides. Secondly while a pest control treatments may reduce the numbers down, it is thought often a few remain to continue their spread.


A bedbug is a Hemipteran- the "true bugs".  A common Hemipteran you know is the Cicadia.  Bedbugs are unique in that they have evolved to suck blood from their host. Bedbugs have a desire to hide making it difficult to find them all. 

They are a reddish brown colour, oval in shape but are thin. Instars are smaller but similar in shape. Newly hatched juveniles are the size of a pinhead and white/translucent. Their eggs are white. 

should i be concerned?

While it is rare for Bed bugs to spread disease, their bites often result in swollen itchy welts. Further people with bed bug infestations report they are distressed by them and often have trouble sleeping. 

How do I know I have bedbugs?

The best way to confirm you have bedbugs is to take a clear picture of the insect and send it to ACES pest control. Keep the insect in a jar or container.  Without seeing a bedbug here are some warning signs

  • Waking with bites. In particular around your neck and face. The type of bites and their presentation  alone  can not  identify bed bugs. 
  • Black marks on your mattress or bed base. These look like a fountain pen has been left to run and left a blotch of black ink. This can mean that bedbugs have been there in the past or they are currently there. 
  • Exoskeletons and eggs. The exoskeletons/cases are transparent/light brown. The eggs are very small  and  white. 

what should i do?

Do not move infested items around the house e.g. putting an infested mattress in the garage. Call a professional pest controller and discuss the options.  


There is no "silver bullet" solution for bed bugs. 

Our plan depends on your situation wether you are home or you are in an apartment. 

Bed bugs requires more than just a chemcial spray. Non chemical options should be considered in your plan for managing bed bugs. 


The simple answer is that there is no single way bedbug bites present. People all react differently. For an article on bedbug bites please click HERE

when can ACES get here?

At ACES we understand the stress that bed bugs can cause. You need a solution as soon as possible. We will endeavour to get to you the same day or the very next day.

is the treatment enviromentally friendly?

There are NON  chemical treatments available. These may involve organic sprays with NO chemcials through to treatments using heat, vacuumung,  non chemical dusts and traps.  All of the treatments we use are environmentally friendly.