Ant control, North shore, Auckland

Ant removal and control can be a challenge even for the professionals! Ants are social insects from the order Hymenoptera ( the same as Wasps and Honey Bees).  


The Queen ant runs the show with many sterile female workers doing her bidding. 

are ants all the same?

  • The Argentine ant (common). It  is a brown medium sized ant in Auckland that has only one size.  You will see strong trails of brown ants coming into your house. Commonly they are in the dishwasher and invade your food in your cupboard e.g. open box of cereal. These ants bite and carry disease. 
  • The White footed ant (common). It has a deceptive name as it just a black ant. These ants live  inside man made structures e.g. walls. They trail in distinct lines. Commonly they leave you alone inside your house and do not invade your kitchen. Customers often report debris falling out of light fittings or ceilings from this ant.
  • The Coastal Brown ant (common). This is a brown ant that has two sizes. The majority of the ants are small worker ants. A few ants that have a large head and jaws to match, these are guard ants. This ant is found where the soil sandy e.g. Herne Bay and Onehunga. Often found inside dishwashers, they will sometimes eat grout and bathrooms seals away. 
  • The Black house ant (common). This is a small to medium sized black ant.  This ant lives outside and will pester you for sweet sugary foods. 

Why do i have ants?

You have ants because a queen has flown to your house, found a suitable nesting place, chewed her wings off and started a nest. From there you see the ants depending on their needs. During summer ants are less prominant  as they have a regular supply of food in terms of fruiting plants etc. During the cooler months their food source dries up and often people start seeing ants inside their homes and businesses. 

Should i be concerned about ants?

Some of the species do present a minor fire risk as they follow warm electrical wires and short them out. Argentine ants  bite and carry disease. Ants in large numbers have a distinct smell, a highly pungent, penetrating odor. This is formic acid that they produce naturally.  Mostly people get tired of being annoyed by the ants and want them gone. 

How does aces get rid of my ants?

We use our training in Entomology to indentify your species of ant and treat it accordingly. We only use  transfer technology; that is we rely on the ants to take the treatments into the nests and kill the queen(s). We match the transfer treatments to your species of ant and your situation. 

does diy  work?

Unforetunately for the DIYer the most effective products for ants are restricted.  Futher some ants do not respond to the baits available to the public. In fact one species of ant the Queen is fed by specialised ants and your bait never get to her!  Soon the ants are back again! Again!

how soon can aces get here?

At ACES we understand that when you call its got to point were you want a solution straight away! We will strive to get to you the same day or the very next day.

is the treatment ecofriendly?

At ACES we aim to provide you with effective solutions. All our treatments are environmentally friendly and GREEN. They break down into harmless elements when in contact with the soil. All our staff are EPA certified  handlers and can safely treat your house or business. We all have degrees in science majoring Entomology. So we know all about your ant species! Our treatments are based in naturally occuring chemicals that are safe for you and your pets.