Are the treatments safe?

YES!        For insects we use products that are based on naturally occurring ORGANIC chemicals- which are NON toxic to humans and their pets. Some of our chemicals are keyed up to only work on insects. Some are “pro-chemicals” and are inert only becoming active when inside the insects body. What they all have in common is that they are SAFE for you,  your pets and your family!

YES!       For rodents we use appropriate control in a  safe way for you, your family  and your pets.


What do I need to do before a treatment?

For cockroaches, flies and spiders:  you need to cover food (e.g. a fruit bowl),  sleeping pillows, pet fish and toothbrushes. If you have children under two put away or cover anything they put in their mouths. Windows; pull blinds up and curtains back and take anything off window sills. Exclude cats and dogs for stand down period.  There is  NO need to empty your pantry or kitchen of items. Please do NOT move the fridge or dishwasher. There is a stand period of TWO  hours.

ants: Ants do not require an internal spray so no stand down period is required. You do NOT need to leave your house during treatment.There is NO stand down period. 

bedbugs:  Do not take items out of the infested room e.g. suitcases OR move the bed. Remove all items from under the bed.  On day of treatment ensure that base and mattress are uncovered. Hot wash and hot dry any linen on an infested bed.  There is a stand down period of THREE hours .

Borer: expose all wood to be treated. This includes removing insulation if it is covering  borer infested wood.  You do not have to leave your house for the treatment.There is NO stand down period

For fleas: vacuum the entire house prior to treatment. Make sure under the beds is clear. Take as many things off the floor as possible. Hot wash and Hot dry your linen (including pillow cases). If you have dog or cat please treat your pet with a product from your vet on the day of treatment. There is a stand down period of THREE  hours. 

Rodents: We need access to your ceiling space and under your business/building for 60-90 minutes. You do NOT have to leave your house.  There is NO stand down period

Wasps: You need to locate the wasp nest prior to calling ACES pest control. When the wasp nest is being destroyed shut windows and doors. Stay away from the wasp nest on the day of nest destruction. You only have to leave your house if the nest is inside your house.

 How can I pay?

Our terms of trade are payment is required before treatment.

We have mobile EFTPOS in the van. We accept EFTPOS payment from your cheque or savings account. Also Visa and MasterCard credit cards- we pass on their surcharge of 4%. We accept cash. With all payments a written GST tax invoice is issued. Should you wish we can supply a copy of the tax invoice my e mail.

We do NOT accept cheques, on account (unless prior arrangement), American express, Diners Card or Barter Card.  We are NOT able to take credit card numbers over the phone.


What happens if my pest issue is not resolved?

We pride ourselves on providing effective pest control. We will work until your pest issue is effectively and safely resolved.


What technique does ACES use?

We will provide you with a unique plan that is tailored for your individual situation. This will detail what products we will use, how we will use them and what you need to do before and after the treatment. Your unique plan is provided once you have made payment for your requested service.


Why should I get pest control?

Most of the pests we treat professionally reproduce very quickly and can be difficult to effectively pest control. Pest quickly become a problem. Additionally most carry diseases that can transfer  to humans. In  some cases these are fatal diseases. Why put your family and pets at risk? Don't leave it to chance call ACES pest control today!