ACES is an Auckland-based New Zealand owned pest control company. When you patronize our services, you are also supporting the local kiwi economy. We invest in local kiwi business and services to keep your investment local too! We are certified by the EPU (environment protection unit) and are approved handlers too. Our team has knowledge in Zoology and Entomology which empowers our experience in dealing with pests.

Here at ACES, we use naturally occuring chemicals which are proven and tested to be non-toxic for humans and their pets. Our products are eco-friendly and naturally degrade into harmless elements in the environment. We make sure to treat insects with the use of chemicals that are non-toxic to humans. For example, fipronil only works on the nervous pathways found on insects and our ‘PRO chemicals’ only become active when inside an insect.

Furthermore, ACES only use original products that come from trusted research-based companies. These companies discovered and developed these chemicals, as a result these products have better technology and give a better result. Beware of the CHEAP generic copies that are being sold on the market because such products are only imitations.

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Aces pest control has FULL public liability insurance with Vero

Aces pest control is now a member of the NPMA