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Welcome to aces 

"FIVE STARS"  as rated by customers in independent reviews.   We provide effective solutions for  ants, bedbugs, borer, cockroaches, flies, fleas, mice, mouse, rats, rodents, spiders and wasps.  Including  successful   eradication, fumigation, extermination, spraying and  treatments. 1000s of Auckland  customers have expressed their satisfaction with our services.   

SAFER pest control  

We  use products based on naturally occurring chemicals that are NON-toxic and ecofriendly  for you and your family.  All our products are environmentally friendly and break down in the soil into harmless elements. Relax,  at ACES you're SAFE and GREEN 

Effective pest control

We only use products from research based companies. Some of the main companies that have discovered the classes of chemicals in the pest control industry are, 





By using the best products available from these  companies we can offer you the best result possible. 


TOP rating | FIVE STARS- don't take our word for it, see what REAL customers are saying about ACES on the independent customer review based site  www.nocowboys.co.nz. Please ask the other pest control companies for their independent customer reviews. 

LATEST pest control

ACES pest control keeps up to date by attending local and international meetings. In 2014 we attended the International meeting -Pest Summit meeting in KL- Malaysia.


Ants can present a challenge to successfully control. Ants can be a source of call backs for pest control companies, as they come back. The reason that they are difficult to control and how to treat them successfully can be found their biology.
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