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Welcome to aces 

We get rid of pests in Auckland. We take the time to tailor a solution for your situation.  One size doesn't fit all!   We work out what will suit you best and safely apply our treatments. We are a Auckland based KIWI company. 

your safety is our priority  

We  use products based on naturally occurring chemicals that are NON-toxic and ecofriendly  for you and your family.  All our products are environmentally friendly and break down in the soil into harmless elements.  SAFE and GREEN 


NO  generic copies! We ONLY use the original chemicals from the RESEARCH  companies such as Bayer, FMC, Syngenta  and BASF





reviews by real customers

All our reviews are written by REAL customers. See what  real people are saying on www.nocowboys.co.nz. Our customer reviews  reflect that our customers are very happy with our level of sevice- 97% over 170 reviews. 

up to date...

It is important to keep up to date with the latest advances. We attend conferences on a regular basis to make sure we the latest tecnology and techniques.  In 2016 we attended the International meeting -NPMA in Seatle USA.


In New Zealand there is a range of devices that emit ultrasonic sound waves that are claimed to pest control rodents. Nice work of you can get it. Just sell the punters some plug in some "do dacky thingy" and Bobs your uncle, you're rodent free. OR ARE YOU? Do they work? That's the 64 thousand question
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